Friday, October 29, 2010

Josh's Stories About Airstreams

Stories about other airstreams people own...

1. One couple lives in Houston, but has a second home (trailer) in Marfa... Obviously an airstream.
2. One owns a 1953 and had no idea THIS could be done.
3. A lady and deceased husband traveled all over US until he passed last year. She will not travel anymore, but wants to redo her AS which created her best memories.
4. A gentleman bought a new one, customized it, and for the past 8 months has lived in it vs. his home in Houston. He wants me to join his exclusive AS club.

Cool people, best conversations, and appreciating life in the simplest way.

Just bought a beautiful pregnant lady a tea at Whole foods, sent her to Kuhl Linscomb to buy ADDITIONAL Peacock Alley bedding (love all these customers who love pa), am finally eating lunch (possibly why I'm so skinny!), and am enjoying a frosted Stella with a chocolate chip icing'd sandwich. I love doing what I do!!!

Steel Magnolia & Josh in Houston

So damn awesome and beautiful to be in Houston today for the last Silver Home Tour stop of the month at Kuhl Linscomb. Chatting with all customers who are sharing stories of their experiences with Peacock Alley - everyone here knows about us which is very cool.

They also want me to 'Peacock Alley' their airstreams if they buy one.  I'm going to start this new collection of Peacock Alley Airstreams that I will do in a variety of unique ways.  My mind is in obvious over drive with new products lines being sold on our site right next to the bedding and bath.

Also, never knew I could be happy in a parking lot!!!  I slept in the trailer last night (best night sleep ever) and showered in the Kuhl Linscomb retail store.  I want to live as a constant mooch where I can always plug in and shower in a near by facility or better yet a creek or lake...  How damn cool!!!

-Nature boy
Josh Needleman

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Peacock Alley Visits the Cutest Town in TX

Tucked away deep in the  heart of Texas lies the "cutest little town in Texas," - Hico TX .  Known for its cattle and cotton market, Hico is a place "Where Everybody is Somebody" and that's especially true this weekend.

Peacock Alley's Silver Home Tour and the infamous Steel Magnolia Airstream will be making its way down to Hico, TX to host a special event at Homestead Antique and Furniture Store in celebration of their Antique Fair.  This weekend Oct. 15 - 16 Homestead will be featruring a new trucklaod of antiques and a early preview sale!

So come on down to good ole Homestead Hico to do a little shopping and meet a real cowboy - Peacock Alley owner and resident trailer driver Josh Needleman.  Plus you'll get the chance to take a tour of Steel Magnolia.  YEEEHAW!!!!

On the Road with Josh: Part 2

Monday - 9/27

1am: I made it to Sweetwater, Texas, where I stopped at a rest area on the side of the highway.  Parked between 18 wheelers, I made my way into back to the trailer and had one of the greatest 2 hour cat naps.  This gave me all I needed in order to get back on the road.  

3am: On the road again.  The moon was big and bright (I took a picture through my sun/ moon roof because I couldn’t help myself from constantly looking at it). 

When alone the creative juices kick into to overdrive and all I do is creatively think about the most important aspects in life and how I may improve them.  This ‘alone time’ is so important and time that I typically do not take since I’m always with others (work or home).  While I crave my family/ friends and can’t get enough of them and love all who I work with, there is something so special about being alone where the only person I have to be responsible for is myself.  Again, this doesn’t happen often, so I have to take full advantage of that time when I do have it.

I was able to have a great conversation with a business partner of mine in Italy.  He and his brother (2nd generation) run a family business that produces products for PA.  We have so many common grounds in life and it’s always great to speak to him in a big picture way… I typically refer to him as, “my Italian brother from another mother.”  Since they are 6 hours ahead of us, he’s always one I can reach out to in the wee hours of the morning.  He loved to hear what I was doing and only looks forward to the day I show up in The Piedmonte Country outside of Torino in Italy with SM in tow.  He knows it will happen!  That’s right… this Silver Home Tour is going global!  If Wally Byram can do it, why shouldn’t we?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On the Road with Josh: Part 1

Sunday- 9/26:

3:30pm- Steel Magnolia (SM) was picked up at Peacock Alley (PA) and brought home to pack up for the road trip to California with everything (or the simplest/ minimal things) one needs for a trip to California… groceries, clothes, hammock, scooter, skateboard, and a banjo (this maybe the perfect trip to learn how to play one!).

Steel Magnolia Leaving Peacock Alley

9pm- The airstream was sitting too perfectly in front of my house hooked up to my truck where I had no choice but to leave.  My plan was to go to sleep early and wake up in the middle of the night (early Monday morning) so I could drive through the night with no cars on the road.  My excitement about getting on the road took over, so I had no choice but to leave.

SM Leaving Josh's House

The directions are so simple to go to California… Get on I30 West from downtown Dallas.  I30 West turns into I20 West which eventually turns into I10 West and that takes you straight to California.  To start the trip off right, I missed my ONE turn to get on I30 West and realized it 30 minutes afterwards.  Unbelievable!

Monday, October 11, 2010

On the Road with Josh

Josh the Trailer Driver
This shoeless man in the picture is Josh Needleman.  He is Peacock Alley's resident trailer driver.  One day his older brother Jason was so sick of seeing his face around the Peacock Alley office that he decided to send Josh on a little adventure...

It just so happened that Josh had this old, rusty trailer sitting at the back of the warehouse.  He scrubbed it down and turned it into the beauty that is now known as "Steel Magnolia". 

Then off he went on his California road trip, two weeks full of fun, mischief and of course Peacock Alley linens.

And now we are sharing all of Josh's "on the road antics" - featuring daily diary entries and never-seen-before photos - all of Josh's secrets will be revealed.  Stay tuned for more!

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Peacock Alley Exclusive Mississippi

Happen to be in Mississippi?  Stop by Ray's Fine Linens  this weekend and check out the introduction to an exlusive new linen collection by Peacock Alley, honoring Ray's Linens founder and industry visionary Ray Reinhardt.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to tour Peacock Alley's silver bullet airstream as they make their second stop as part of The Sillver Home Tour.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Silver Home Tour Making Headlines

Peacock Alley's Silver Home Tour is capturing audiences across the nation - so much so that even local news affiliates FOX 5 San Diego stopped by to find out more about this ground breaking event! 

The Silver Home Tours first stop at The Birdcage in Solana Beach, CA has receievd spectacular success and turnout! 

When the team arrived at the store this morning there were people lined up around the block, waiting eagerly to take advantage of some great Peacock Alley deals - and of course the opportunity to step inside the "Steel Magnolia" airstream and witness the phenomenon that is the "Silver Bullet" and it's driver Josh Needleman.

For exclusive photos of the event click here